ebuyer Insomnia 55 Gaming Event

ebuyer Display

ebuyer attended Insomnia 55, which is the largest gaming festival in the UK and attracts about 40,000 visitors. A reseller village taking nearly 100m2 in stand space was created, and every area had graphics specifically designed for each reseller attending the event. ebuyer launched the Geek Pride and Element Gaming brands at the event. Visitors received Geek Pride packs containing badges, stickers, wrist bands, car fresheners and shirts. eBuyer’s gaming brand Element Gaming was soft-launched at the event, with gaming peripherals being sold and demonstrated.

A catalogue, gaming style shirts, stand space, giveaways and much more had to be created for the event, not to mention liaising with stand builders, promo companies and securing funding from 14 brands. As a brand building exercise it was a great success.

The main walkway
A busy stand


Individual reseller pods

Team member holding giveaway packs
Gaming shirt design
Geek Pride shirt design
Stand from above
Individual reseller pods
ebuyer geek pride shirt and giveaways


ebuyer team members on stage promoting the company wearing the branded shirts



Element Gaming website
Element Gaming mouse and keyboard

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